Renault: Internal Space, Pen Island

Isn't it awful when things get crowded together?
Renault Logan, the roomiest car in its category.

Advertising Agency: Exclam Comunicação, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Director: Lipsio Carvalho
Copywriter: Peterson Klug
Art Director: Alexandre Miyaki

September 2008


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Ha! Well, this will definitely grab some attention. I don't know if anyone will take the time to notice you can separate the address in to two separate meanings. I only noticed because I received and E-mail with this kind of stuff pointing it out. Either way, great for a laugh, hope it works.

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Funny insight and great concept. Like it.

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loving the headlines. It's kind of naughty, but then Renault takes the safe stand, being on 'our side', all ethical and caring and etc. By the way, the Pen Island company actually exists, but it's .net, not a .com.

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Well, The bad point is that is a site of pornography: the correct site is <-- this is a Pen Manufacturer company. <-- This is a pornography site.

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kazito, two thumbs up. You just rock.

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no - i think it is 'pen island'

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Guest commenter

is this 'Pen Island .com' or 'Penis Land .com' ....:S

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Danny skinner-frost

I am pretty shore it is penis land

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Guest commenter

this is a joke, awful

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Fresh funny idea and the concept makes sense. Nice one.

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Guest commenter

i loved it!

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Guest commenter

A nice idea... pity it's been done already.

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Guest commenter

theres a website of all of these words meaning something else when crammed together... google it. so, sorry, was funny the first time i saw it, er... about 4 years ago. :-s

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Danny Skinner-frost

Hi don't you just love penis.

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hi i'm the one who made up the penisland comment you know penis land? im the one who said it my name is danny robert lee skinner-frost i live in stockport 5410

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