Renault: Freddy

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.
From 0 to 100km/h in 6.2 seconds.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Costa Rica
Creative Directors: Giovanni Bulgarelli, Carla Pravisani
Art Director: Daniel Montiel
Copywriter: Brian Maynard
Photographer: Ivan Castilla

June, 2008


ragecg's picture
73 pencils

Freddy never wore a trenchcoat???

STRTLRS's picture
1601 pencils

It's the Matrix version... Still bad.

I think, therefore... yeah.

G_add _add's picture
G_add _add
23 pencils

photoshop could have been better, but the idea is nice

primo_susto's picture
440 pencils

yep, very nice adds, but not good photoshop, the "toy" is very bad aded

iRIO's picture
224 pencils

that's the show the toy that "closer than they appear" )

oshe's picture
852 pencils

If you look fine, there is something really bad in the reflection mirror (and isnt Freddy) Its perspective problem and point of view.

I agree whit "G": nice idea, probably better photoshop


floydeepurple's picture
349 pencils

gud idea. bad execution.

stitchy's picture
779 pencils

i didnt get the idea!!!
is FREDDY fast or something?

LeeMoh's picture
424 pencils

Something else guys…

This is defiantly the right-side mirror because the car body reflection is on left. Am I Correct?
Then the mirror tilt direction is wrong!
It should be the other way around.

Is the driver seat in the right-hand side in Costa Rica?
If no… then the road reflection is also wrong!
The driver should see only the right edge of the street, not both its lanes.

Nice idea, nevertheless.

MacGoni's picture
128 pencils

It's amazing how can somebody screw art.

jhonnyvic's picture
39 pencils

La idea está bien, pero la ejeución daña todo porque el manejo del photoshop parece de un niño que apenas está aprendiendo, el afiche no da la talla para ser de una agencia.

franksandres's picture
172 pencils

how much did that Freddy Neo toy cost?
I want one!

kitkiritkit's picture
73 pencils

already been done, same execution!

pscs's picture
440 pencils

Why do cars sold in America (or American built cars) must have "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" on the side mirrors?

Andrey Vaslit's picture
Andrey Vaslit
210 pencils

Guys, the idea is the matter here, it's done like that because they did it like that. Only boys will complain about the "execution".

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