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Now this is something I can get. Comparing this campaign to that other one posted earlier, this one clearly wins. It makes sense and the art direction is beautifully executed. The type fits nicely and is nicely written.
There is only one thing I have to complain about. The third ad. What's up with that? Same as the first one except, oh gosh, they used houses. Too close for my taste and might as well be Monte Carlo. But this one here and the pit stop one are great.

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Art direction and photography are stunning.

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Love the art direction and the combination is seamless, however I am having an issue with the copy. Please let me know if I'm making a huge blunder but shouldn't it read - "If you can make it here...you can make it everywhere" - 'there' just sounds wrong. Hope I haven't completely missed the boat on this one.

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hafta agree with u on this one.

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My first thought was they are refering to this one:

"If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere
It's up to you - new york, new york."

Ol' Sinatras classic.

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simple. beautiful. good.

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really neat art direction, just hits you.

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I agree with popdistortion both are very similar maybe they could've thrown a curve on one of the visuals or just stick with the first two, but the campaign is very nice.

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Great ad, simple and to the point.

I agree with cameron1983 "If you can make it here..." feels more personal than "there". "There" seems so far away. Well done.

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very good art direction. everything just falls in place. V. good


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pretty nice.

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Tim Weasle
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WOW these look way cool. Weird little line though.

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Like it a lot. One version of the idea is enough).

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@popdistortion "Comparing this campaign to that other one posted earlier, this one clearly wins"

i think you can´t compare this campaign to the other. In this campaign, the competence of the Renault Formula 1 Team transferd into real life, is the message. The other campaign says our car is cool.

i like how the 2 campaigns follows the same principle. and maybe the campaign with the car gets more powerfull with this add on Ad.

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the art direction is beautifully executed.
nice job

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really grt simple n complete, n i also agree with cameron "if u make it here........ sonds more gud

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correct me if i'm wrong..

i think the idea is gd, relating the race to daily life.. which means the power is there..
but the copy kill the whole thing... doesnt matter if its a "here" or a "there"...
as the matter of fact.. 999 out of 1,000 people don't make it there (unless we are the spectators),
so in another word, i don't make it there/here, am i able to make it else where???

anyone disagreed with me??
chirp chirp chirp...

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