Renault F1: Red is Dead, Fire Truck

In 2011, for the second year in a row, the Red Bull Racing team, equipped with a Renault engine, won the F1 Constructors’ World Championship. In honour of this double win and the achievements of Renault engines in F1, the brand and its agency Publicis Conseil have decided to launch a new campaign. The concept “Red is dead” is a friendly gibe directed at Ferrari and its emblematic colour. By using objects that are traditionally red, Renault is reminding everyone that it is also one of the leading brands in Formula 1.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, France
Chief Creative Officer / Creative Director: Olivier Altmann
Copywriter: Mathieu Degryse
Art Director: Yves-Eric Deboey
Photographer: David Gill
Account managers: Edouard Pacreau, Eric Hazout, Thibault Repelin, Adeline Blanc
Strategic planning: Helene Duvoux-Mauguet
Art buyers: Jean Luc Chirio/Gael Cheval/Soone Riboud / Elysian Fields
Advertiser's supervisor: Stephen Norman, Bruno Travade, Dominique Musset, Andreea Culcea, Belen d'Alexis


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Roger Keynes
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Will Think for Salary

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Ouch. Hard hitting.

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neither intelligent nor surprising.

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Sorry but A leader does not need to express the fact that it is leading...For me no need to say Renault beats Ferrari !

You can do it !

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Poor strtgy....thr r more people who like RED ferrari than any renault....the targt audience sddnly cms dwn to the number of people prsnt in Red Bull Pit....

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Execution could have been better.

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Pathetic. And unnecessary. The defeat itself would be enough pain for Ferrari.

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Rhymie Z
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Code Yellow.. Code Yellow

Rhymie Z

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