Renault: Dallas

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Bucharest, Romania
Executive Creative Director: Razvan Capanescu
Art Director: Dragos Ometita
Copywriter: cezar panait
Photographer: Dragos Ometita

August, 2011


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Aaaaaaaaaand here's the proof.

Were/are you the head of this unit? Do you realise this context dropped off the map 30 years ago?

Let someone else take over. This is the median of uncle-at-a-wedding Dancing, and the Dad-Piss when you're in bed as a child.

It's time.

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I guess Dallas is still a cult TV show in Romania - the context there may be quite different than you imagine.

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I noticed there are movies from very different periods and that made me think they're addressing different target segments... did it cross your mind that maybe this "Dallas" is for the elders within the target... like our fathers?

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