Renault: Catwalk

Don’t dream and drive. Renault Visio System. Keeps you awake.

Agency Producer: Antonio Jr.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Lisboa, Portugal
Creative Director: João Braga
Art Director: Ricardo Ferreira
Copywriters: Leo Gomez, Ivo Machado, Roberta Batista
Photographer: Miguel Angelo / White Lab / Corbis / Getty Images / Shutterstock

April 2013


kleenex's picture
40638 pencils

good set of ads.

certaintly's picture
3994 pencils

so bad. ugly and forced and confusing

gb83's picture
63 pencils

God Job

Klara K.'s picture
Klara K.
3347 pencils

Though I appreciate the new approach to advertise a car, without the copy, which not everybody reads, especially when it's this small, the message is very unclear.

sacrilegend's picture
3275 pencils

Can't believe this is so highly rated. "Forced" is the only adjective that comes to mind when I see these ads.

jackblack's picture
2342 pencils

Sorry, I don't get this at all.

Sjobs94's picture
56 pencils

very well executed

mmackinven's picture
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Not getting this either.

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Renault Visio system is a system designed to alert drivers, through camera detection, and make them more aware on the road . 'Don't dream and drive' may simply be a light warning to drivers prone to falling asleep/day dreaming/wandering behind the wheel, and 'keeps you awake' is pretty literal as it outlines the function of the system. If you look beside the 'don't dream and drive' line you will see the symbols of the system in play; things that functions to disturb the dream. I honestly didn't know what it was at first so I decided to look into the product and it made much sense after.

Janayjoi's picture
84 pencils

great job

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