Renault: Boat

Vast redefined. Renault Logan, way more interior space from $11890.

Advertising Agency: Mayo Draftfcb, Quito, Ecuador
Creative Director: Carlos Serrano
Art Directors: Alejandro Munoz, Andres Santos, Sebastien Barrera
Copywriters: Carlos Serrano, Felipe Arcos
Published: July 2008


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carlos dame trabajito en tu agencia

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¡Hijole! ... y son 3 directores de arte :S

¡WOW!... and 3 art directors :S

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The bottom part of the car looks bad. Overlooked?
Nice Idea - but if the car was slightly ahead with a glimpse of the interior, the idea of space could have been more evident.

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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I guess they hit the brief. Low budget so they had to come up with an inexpensive execution and I think they did it well. Customers will get the message, that's what it's all about isn't it.

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stupid and boring!

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not bad! good try!

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I know, advertising most of the time is all about exagerating, but this one is beyond that. Need a grasp on reality guys...

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428 pencils, way more interior space from $11890. I would say "exterior space" is bigger... They lose their point.

>>> Designed to be signed...

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oh god that's horrible!

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Captain Howdy
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con la cantidad de basura que publican aquí día con día, estos dan un poco esperanza, como la luz de ese pequeño faro. Vamos Ecuador!

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