Renault: Aquarium

2600 liters of luggage space. The new, bigger Renault Kangoo.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Warsaw, Poland
Creative Directors: Iwona Kluszczynska, Wojciech Dagiel
Art Director: Magdalena Drozdowska
Copywriter: Mateusz Ksiazek
Published: April 2008


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Nice Take!

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"2600 liters of luggage space. Hm, what about space? 'New Renault Kangoo. From outer space.' Um, no. Hm, what about liters? '2600 liters of... erm... water!' That's it!"

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I'm looking for some kind of a clue that justifies this type of measuring of luggage space, but to no avail... Or am I missing something entirely???

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When u buy a car, interiors are calculated in liters.

Quite really.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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THAT, I didn't know. Never bought a car in Poland before.

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henry perea

muy gusta el concepto

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Guest commenter

it's good that they have show the product benefit, because I'm sure know one is thinking about driving that ugly thing

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Why litres . why not kilos, tons?

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Go to school.

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You don't measure space in weight, it's volume they're measuring.

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Iwona: Let's face it - the car design sucks. We have to figure out a smart way to draw attention completely away from it.

Wojciech: What about filling the car with blue water, and some beautiful looking fish swimming in it!

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

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blue water n fish..thats wat they have shown now rite?

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Iwona, are u sure you know what AD is at all?
" draw attention completely away..."??? Jesus...!

>>> Design with no knowledge about printing, it's not design!

>>> Designed to be signed...

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And they mean to put luggage all over inside the car, even over the driver's head...?
i think first the visual came to their mind and then to justify it they used the litres measure....

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agree. it's misleading. they talk about luggage space, but show total space inside the car.

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Litres is the measure for space in "transport cars". Thats why they have chonsen this sourse to demostrate the space. Well, just wanted to explain... the idea is just ok.

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The maximum volume of cargo space available with all seats up, unless otherwise noted, measured in litres and cubic feet.

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A lollipop.

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please someone knows the "positionnement/ranking" of the brand Renault?

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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Neat spin. The photoshopping of the ocean inside could use some work. The sizes of animals seem out of proportion to the vehicle.

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the ad is nice, but since this concept is not very far removed from what anyone else would think of the execution needs to be stellar, a little more work on execution and retouching and it could be

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