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me thinks
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Motivating copy and excellent art direction. Like it.

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interesting art direction, but WHY? is there some reason it should look like a medieval manuscript?


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the copy is boring and predictable. the art direction stinks. this ad really shows that they know how to use a scanner but can't do layouts.

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There's nothing like an insult to get the blood flowing and kick start one's motivation. Works better than the Qi I get from my Puerh Tea )


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nice copy but bad art + typography

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They could have pushed the art direction more, An Illuminated Manuscript is so beautiful, this one falls short by using red and blue only. It looks cheap I think.
Nice copy though, that's for sure.

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Shut Theory
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art+copy, the perfect balance, neither is great, as a matter of fact, neither should be any better, they work together just fine


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• ω •
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I feel some flaws on the blue typo. But overall, inviting to look at n read.

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No fixed abode
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I agree. Nice copy. Good old fashioned communication

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