Reggaefest: Woman

There’s only one day to Reggae. August 15, Shaw Millennium Park

Advertising Agency: Karo Group, Calgary, Canada
Creative Director: Phil Copithorne
Art Director: Scott Shymko
Copywriter: Craig Reynolds
Account Director: Leslie Tettensor
Photographer: Patrick Norman
Retouching: Sheldon McLean

June 2009


shahidali's picture
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so you point out the reggae trait... not bad. but should have been a more appealing and novel idea, at least where reggae is involved


digifool's picture
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Be Rastafarian for one day and then go back to your regular life. Sounds appealing and novel to me.

chris myles's picture
chris myles
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yh i agree with digifool, the ad is very creative. be one a rastafarian one day and da other day, be yourself.

Hibon's picture
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Very...flat, boring and not new.

Simple ideas are the best !

flavourfish's picture
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I agree with Hibon. Flat, boring. They should make more out of the idea. It looks like a dentist campaing where theres some rasta hair misplaced....

bubblestheclownfish's picture
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I THINK what they're trying to say is it takes several months/years to get a full real Rasta-style 'do. The Fest is a one-day only event, so you get a "taste" of what it's like to be a Rasta, but not the whole experience.

Agree with the "boring" comment. Why not show her at work the day-after with this 'do (if that's the agency's direction)? Give us something more interesting than a simple mannequin headshot.

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these are irie

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