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I didn't get it Ivan, Can you explain please?

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Hi think it has to do with the movie - X-men

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Microsoft is known to be copying Apple's Mac operating system since the first Windows.

This time Microsoft is very much lagging behind Apple by not being able to release their much hyped Vista for the last 5-6 years. Also, it is said that every feature and look Apple comes up with comes back in Vista in one way or another.

Obviously, Apple is pissed that somebody is copying their system and not even good at it.

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And.. What Redmond means? is it a person or what Ivan?
By the way I love You Ivan..

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Redmond, California is where Microsoft is based out of.

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Hey Ivan. You know we all love Mac here. And yes, Windows, especially the upcoming version Vista, does feature a lot of OSX. On the other hand I have to say that I have both systems at home and actually they copy from each other. And why not? If something works well, why not use it for your own purposes? I just call it evolution ;-)

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Don't listen to me, I'm very much biased when it comes to Apple. Hey, I even called my daughter Apple.

But, yes, I'm sure Apple lifted certain things from MS too.

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I quite liked it...Funny too....I am sure microsoft also gonna put back a fight too...!!

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ME: microsoft's campus / HQ is located in Redmond, Washington, USA.

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One small thing guys: All of Apple's OS upgrades have had cat names (Panther, Jaguar, Leopard, etc.) So the double dig on Microsoft is saying their copy of Leopard is another cat - a copy cat.

Go Mac!

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You guys are forgeting to read the another billboard. Introducing Vista 2.0. Its soooo coool.

Do you wanna a prove that bill gates is a copycat? See this:

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very average, no one is going to get it and if they did they wouldn't care. advertising at its worst.

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actually, they would get it, and yes, they would care. very much. it's at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) which is Apple’s most important annual event for hardware and software developers to receive in-depth information and instruction from Apple's technical architects and engineers.

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well guest, i can safely say that fortunately most people wouldnt care for your opinions as well

IMHO, its nice work!

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MADE in the USA
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Well Done.. spot on.

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Hey, nice baby man, i bet you're very happy, cheers!

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I think ppl are already bored with Apple whining so much, if you're on top why whine, jeez - didn't apple, after all, rip-off the whole gui idea from xerox intially?

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Redmond, Washington is Microsoft's headquarters. And yes, Apple is pissed.

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one of the best thing I've seen, makes me so happy ! :)

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