Red Haus: Beware of Hose

This ad campaign was targeted at a 25-35 year old audience looking to buy their first home. This audience would rather live life than spend all their time looking after a yard. Naturally a Red Haus Salzburg condo would make sense.

Advertising Agency: Creative Intelligence, Canada
Creative Director: Christopher Heatherington
Art Director: Brian Allen
Copywriter: Sean Mitchell
Photographer: Gary Campbell
Published: May 2007


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Wrong angle on the brief, eh?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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i reckon a rake would've been more accessible.
as in the step-on-the-rake-get-it-in-the-face gag.

lucyinthesky's picture
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i would've preferred geans and converse shoes... that would have made a stronger message, with all the "live life" campaign

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a hose sneaking up on you has nothing to do with yardwork. without the desciption i'd never gotten the message

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In order to "escape" something, you have to be IN it. They're not targeting people who have homes (and hence yards), but young people who are presumably in apartments (without yards). The message should communicate all the benefits of owning your own place, without the hard work. This message is completely off.

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To escape a lion do you have to be in its mouth?

Wow. That comment was like I was some sort of sage. Truthfully though, fair comment... if you're a focus group. I think it's funny how creatives whine constantly about how the client is 'over thinking' their work but we give ourselves complete freedom to over think our peer's work. Shame on us.

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To escape a lion, you have to be trapped by one. You cannot escape something that's not menacing you. "Escaping" yardwork implies you are trapped by the drudgery of yardwork. However, what the message should clearly state is that, by buying a condo, you are AVOIDING yardwork. This is not overthinking, this is getting the message right.

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