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is this real? jajajaja is too bad

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Most people will not get this. This is humorous for us, east europeans. Seeing the villagers in teen clothes is funny. In a jackass kinda way.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Ney Frances
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and what kind of humor is that ivan?

is there life before death?

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Sorry, I just edited the comment to explain.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Its so bad because they make fun of the people they want to help.

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this seems to be adressing the younger generation. i really like the idea.
think it works much better for the target than getting pathetic.

i don't like the look on the victim's faces, they should look rather happy and thankful instead of looking so embarrassed. the second ad works best for me.

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addy hoch zehn.
you are complitly right.
they should look happy and cool.
within the big flood. a little over the top.
between fahion shoot and hardcore coverage picture.
but the idea is very good. nice way to get the younger generation.

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Would you be happy guys if someone offers you a coat after your house was destroyed by floods?
It's the best way to show this charity process.

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i like it. these people have suffered enough from the flood, the livelyhoods, homes, everything destroyed, they don't need futher humiliation by having to wear ridiculous clothing. I'm donating my stuff ASAP.

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