Red Cross: Volunteer Market, 5

Advertising Agency: Extreme Group, Canada
Art Director: Jeff Simpson
Copywriter: Jeff MacKay
Design: Brennan MacDonald
Online: Phil Neal
Creative Dirctors: Shawn King, Anthony Taaffe
Illustrator: Nick Brunt


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what does it mean?

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

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hmmm... what i'm sorry but i don´t know what is happening here. nice art reminds me to longcat lol

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Not a great set of ads.

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The ads could indeed be a little confusing (if not a lot) at first but once you visit their website you will realize what this is all about.. I love the concept. Hope it works.

Here's something from the site:

"I will donate $200 to the Red Cross if someone volunteers to get Oprah to tweet about the Volunteer Market.."

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Well, I like the idea, and I think the art is great. Copy does seem a little opaque in places, particularly "live your own theme music", but on the whole it's a strong set of ads for a great charity idea.

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