Red Cross: Pill

Self medication is not a game.

Advertising Agency: Paim, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Creative Directors: Fábio Bernardi, Claudia Schroeder, Ismael Goli
Art Director: Cristiano Schein
Copywriters: Rodrigo Rocha, Helio Marques
Illustrator: Fesher Neoilustração

January 2011


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Great! :)

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Simple is the best. Well done. Excellent copy and the red cross in the retro layout made it stand out even more.


TiltedChairCreative's picture
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Hmmm, I'm feeling dense today. Don't get it at all.

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pitted prunes
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mmm.. okay... not too sure.. is this close to an actual game? if not, then i think just showing pills being popped by someone is insufficient to illustrate the danger of self medication.

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thought provoking ad.

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Schein's picture
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Excellent. Good job.

luispiter's picture
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i dont like... the idea?

Spoonfeederxxx's picture
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What is the game they are referring to?

This ad is terrible, it doesn't work...

It tries too hard to be clever...

"Hey look at me, look how clever I am..."

pankajadsoftheworld's picture
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nice ad...

this is in refrence with marble game.

Goteeee...goti goti goti goti goti goti

mr.x's picture
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Not bad. But if you're not familiar with the game then maybe you wont understand the ad. At the moment I can't think of a more popular game that would work in this ad instead.

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simple and good.

spinsarah's picture
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It's just okay. I didn't understand the point of the cross formation of medication until after I read the text, and even then I was like "...What?"
So... Considering that isn't the intended reaction of the audience, I can't give this more than 5 stars...

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This is absolutely incredible. You guys don`t get it because this game is really famous in Brazil. I don`t know how it`s called abroad, but in here it`s called "Resta Um". Google it!

I think almost everyone in here has this reference.

Really, really powerful.

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