Red Cross: Hope, 3

Did you feel a sudden surge of hope?

Advertising Agency: Y&R Dubai, UAE

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It's very nice, but I though in Dubai they have red crescent not red cross...

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I guess they thought it would be easier to win awards with a cross.

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Gee. We have a SCAM indicator, don't we ;)


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Realistically, pretty much every ad on this site was created with award aspirations. Otherwise, why put it up here? But that doesn't make the ad a scam.

That said, this is probably a scam ad, seeing as there's no Red Cross UAE. Plus, because it is DM, they just have to print it out, glue it together and take a picture. Also, most charity ads are pseudo scam ads already. In most countries people come up with charity ads pro bono and run them with donated media space. It's just the way it is; I'm not passing any moral judgements. I've won at the charity ad game too. A good idea is still a good idea. (And Creative Directors can spot good ideas that actually ran for a tough client so it all evens out in the end.)

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It's an ad for the Lebanese Red Cross.

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The URL on the piece says – but the Lebanese Red Cross' URL is Strange.

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Such a Great way to create action for consumers' curiosity and impact.

my marketing blog (Thai Language):

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Nice mechanism.

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Lp Gatti

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Ron Burgundy
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before i clicked the thumbnail I thought the pull thingy was going to pull the family out or something, feels underdone IMO

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I think it's too small of a change. Not a big enough impact to make me care (or notice for that matter) When you pull something you want something drastic to change or at least get excited.

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