Red Cross / Cruz Roja: Drops, 1

To you it's only a few drops to many others it's the source of life.
Donate your blood today.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Guatemala
Creative Director: Victor Garcia
Art Director: Gener Lobos
Copywriter: Victor Garcia
Illustrator: Gener Lobos/Jorge Pineda

August, 2007


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Ad Junkie At Large
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to me this says that if you donate a couple of drops you'll personally save hundreds of lives. but thats just me.

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So you´re the kind of person who drinks red bull and jumps from the top of a building...

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It feels a little scary to me. I don't really want to see the blood I'm giving splattered all over the place.

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i think that this is a nice idea and really cool execution...nice thought.

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connectivity of people to the drops of blood is excellent.
good work!

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