Red Cross:

Help before it's too late.
Attend first aid training

Advertising Agency: Comtech Group, Zlin, Czech Republic
Creative Director: Petr Vlasak
Art Director: Roman Baygouzov
Copywriter: Petr Vanek
Retouch, CG, Postproduction: Tomas Muller
Photographer: Goran Tacevski

July 2010


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love it haha

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Why angel? can anyone explain me pls? I miss any strong idea there, some call-to-action.. it's just "nice picture" based on the headline.

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Idea is - Learn first aid before it is too late.
Print refers to a TVC, but it works for itself - as a statue of an angel (usually greeving) here tries to make a heart massage. So it is monumentaly vain and late.

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Thanx for explanation.

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bad astronaut
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guests with dumb comments should be banned. :)

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The "too smarties" should too.

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bad astronaut
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so should the sissies who make dumb comments behind "guest" names.

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Why angel is doing heart massage?

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Nice - Personal thought. You could loose the two lines below and above the headline for a more cleaner, uncluttered layout.

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Luis Maram
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Good idea but frightening art direction... interesting.

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Shajeel Dzyner
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nice work I like it.....

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Good, clean idea.

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Clean execution, loved the religious aspect of it. If you get it.

So, the life I have made may seem wrong to you, but who asked you anyway? It's my life to ruin, my own wreck.
Alma Matters - Morrissey

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Really cool. Not digging that candle or the location general. Maybe it's because I hate bare trees in a background like this... too busy!

Good concept. Not the best execution.

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