Red Bull: Swimming

That's all it takes.

Advertising Agency: Lins Ad & Marketing, Singapore
Art Director: Eugene Yap
Copywriter: Sue Ann
Illustrator: Christopher Chong
Other additional credits: Anson Wong, Azman Bakar

September 2008


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Well, swimming is not a good execution. It can be 50m, 100m. Meaning you finish in opposites sides of the pool. He can be far ahead, or far behind.

To be honest it felt like the former to me in this ad.

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I agree it's less unclear who's in the winning position, but then again you could reason like this:

1) it's 100m swimming and they're all in the last 50m (that case the red one is winning)

2) it's 50m and the red one is in last position, but he'll catch up without a problem thanks to the Red Bull he drank. Like he's giving the others some advantage

Anyway, I think the idea works better with team sports, cause those situations are much 'sensational' and 'impossible' than this one.

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I think if they played with water to show that the red one is swimming back while others are still falling behind

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Wow! How did you understand THAT from he visual? ;)

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these are all very lame and the executions are weak.

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LOL, this is not an ad.

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thanks for the comments...i'm still in the learning process...thanks anyway...

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The concept doesn't suck totaly but it seems a bit empty.
Red bul is a uber hot brand and needs to impress.



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