Red Bull: Soccer

That's all it takes.

Advertising Agency: Lins Ad & Marketing, Singapore
Art Director: Eugene Yap
Copywriter: Sue Ann
Illustrator: Christopher Chong
Other additional credits: Anson Wong, Azman Bakar

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antigo's picture
30 pencils

What the hell ?

This campain is very confuse!

elgrecones's picture
323 pencils

this one doesn't make nay sense... whats the advantage in soccer when you're alone in the atack?

Heads's picture
194 pencils

Antigo was quiet generous.

Well, honestly: 0,5/10 at most. But I was being very noncritical.

Ad_Man's picture
828 pencils

where are the goal keepers? where are the other team members?
this doesn't make any sense... really!!

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

perimosh's picture
24 pencils

That generous world.

La mentira bien escrita suele ser corajuda.

missed my turn's picture
missed my turn
426 pencils

Just completely devoid of any creativity. Awful stuff.

puppiepoppy's picture
1636 pencils

ZERO point....that's all this idea takes.

m í t i c o's picture
m í t i c o
676 pencils

-50,000 pts.

huangzhewei's picture
43 pencils


JacelynAngel's picture
59 pencils

opponent all sleeping because they don't drink red bull,

so he is the only one awake~~score and GOAL!!!

dinukarangana's picture
12 pencils

i think it should be OFF SIDE broooo,

capywriter's picture
5511 pencils

Nothing but stupid comments. That's all I see here.
Personally I don't think this idea is so bad at all (only 'swimming' is more confusing and less 'spectacular')

SeanMartin's picture

Exactly. The only question here is, Will the target market get it? Yes, they will. Does it matter that it's not high concept or innovative art direction or any of that other crap they teach you in Advertising 101? Not one whit. So... does it work? Damn straight.

Moving on...

Wolf_Kind's picture
20 pencils

I would love to see all of the guys with the negative comments read a book or try to talk out loud...
This is an awesome idea, the execution could have been better though. Do you guys need us to explain the ad to you?

virtualplaydoh's picture
252 pencils

It's not awesome. And it's been done over and over. It's an old idea. Plus, you need to come up with something better for red bull.

Whitefang's picture
509 pencils

Hey junior, if you think this is awesome you are going to be junior for a very, very long time.

Big Friendly Monster 822's picture
Big Friendly Mo...
159 pencils

whitefang, c'mon you don't have to put people down in this way...junior or senior does it really matter? Any idea can come from anyone, even a tea lady. It's just a damn position & people do improve. It may not be that awesome but it does really work in a sense of speaking to the consumers to understand in a strategic way although i too can see mistakes of like where r all d goal keepers...Maybe they should have put a goal keeper at the black side. All i've always seen ppl doing in this site is giving bad comments but no constructive comments on how could it bring it to a better level. No hard feelings people.

SeanMartin's picture

And hiding behind your little handle -- who are you?

No, it's not brilliant advertrising when you stack it up against some of the true giants in the field, but does it speak to the consumer? YES. Does it make the consumer feel good about him/heself? YES. Does it create a solid relationship between that feeling and the product? YES.

So is this a good ad? Damn straight.

chrisclv's picture
15 pencils

thanks for the comments...i'm still in the learning process...thanks anyway...

but seem whitefang is a powerful senior...but he is a little too ego and look down on juniors and save it for your own artwork...

Atmosfear's picture
50 pencils

dont do this to Red Bull. You can create so many ideas with Red Bull's big name and its brand personality. Explore more, eh... Cos this is such a raw idea...

young gordon's picture
young gordon
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