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Javier Ramírez
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Red bull te da ruedas...
Buen trabajo.

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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Guest commenter

Fuuuuuuck that sucks!!!!

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Guest commenter

se nota el truchaso hay partes del retoque que estan por terminar, aunque sea terminalo bien no sr. hipercreativo

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პირველი ქართული ედია აქ :)

იყიდა ნეტა რედბულმა?

bola bola

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red bull-ma sheidzleba ikida, magram bebias ra mere :))))

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Cómo q buen trabajo?
Es primera y pesima idea. No es el target y no intentaron ni siquiera mover una decima de neuronas para un layout decente.

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Guest commenter

I hate saying this, but god,under what creative rock has the team been living the last two decades. Come on. I blame the Creative Director-he/she should know better

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Guest commenter

if only the wheels were moving

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I prefer an ad like this, coming from Tblisi, over all these refined semi-fake ads for Scrabble and Vichy.This ad does not try so hard to be clever. It just isn't.

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You're right Piet, let's give these guys a break, they don't even have color photography yet.

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bad, bad, bad

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I love this. Probably should be in color – old B&W makes no sense to me.
But – attention getting, goofy, fun, simple, good message.

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Guest commenter

Red Bull would never run an ad like this.

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La lata esta flotando???????????

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Guest commenter

red bull te ayuda con el photoshop

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Guest commenter

Los creativos no tomaron red bull eh!

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She's gonna die drinking it! Gosh. It's like taking 12 viagra in one the husband.

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Poor photoshop.. the wheel has angles at the bottom and you can tell how the clone tool was used (Mirror rocks on the ground)... just an advise for the art director. Now the creatives behind this idea... quit.

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it is NOT red bullish...

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