Red Balloon English School: Words, Pussy

English for Children

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Brazil
Vice President Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos
Head of Art: Denis Kakazu
Creative Director: Fred Saldanha
Art Director: Guilherme Nobrega
Copywriter: Claudio Lima
Illustrator: Guilherme Nobrega
Published: March 2010


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Well there is pushing the boundaries and then there is just wrong. I think this is a horrific approach for a primary school, completely inappropriate and I would go running the other way if I was a parent. I thought this was a funny play on words for a sex shop when I first saw this.

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I don't see purpose in this ad. Are they saying words like these being taught for kids at Red Balloon? What's the idea?

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I agree with the comment above that i looks like funny campaign for a sex shop. I wonder if parents would allow this for their 5 year olds.

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WAY OFF target.

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Wrong approach. Wrong association!

Hate advertising? Make better ads.

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I dont get what is wrong with this campaign, if you dont live in a english speaking country and dont speak english you'd want your kids to learn the real meaning of the word before learning is a bad-word. I think is funny.

Maybe here in the US or in England this would be offensive, cause we cant dissociate the words from sex anymore.

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And the target is or children of 3 untill 14 ???

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forced... try again

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what a disgrace

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Sex and children connection is never a good idea. Bad aproach.

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Nice! The whole campaign is nice. How do you deem vulgarities? Are pussy, cock and ass still vulgarities? Is a culture breakthrough we are looking at.

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Phil Lestino
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This is total ARSE.......

fadirahhal's picture
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no way..

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the colors are really cool, i like it

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i really liked the campaign

but a one liner copy could have pushed it further


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The idea of a bad word/thing looking nice because of the product benefit has been done a lot. That's why I don't like it.

But you guys are wrong thinking this is inappropriate. In Brazil english is NOT our second language so its not offensive. They could have picked better words, sure. But its a ghost ad just to win awards, so who cares.

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