Red Balloon English School: Words, Ass

English for Children

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Brazil
Vice President Creative Director: Anselmo Ramos
Head of Art: Denis Kakazu
Creative Director: Fred Saldanha
Art Director: Guilherme Nobrega
Copywriter: Claudio Lima
Illustrator: Guilherme Nobrega
Published: March 2010


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65 pencils

I think they are educating the real meaning of the words and not the sexual meaning those words are generally used in. Cause either children get confused or attracted towards learning the other meaning...

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98 pencils

i like the illustrations, even tho i think is too "foodish"

i'm here because i'm procrastinating

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3435 pencils

"wHOLE campaign is fantASStic..............not"


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465 pencils

i get the message but why is the word ASS so huge?
having the regular size donkey image (only one donkey) and the standart look of a "dictionary, meaning of word" image would work much better, nice try, but miss.

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Phil Lestino
1682 pencils

Maybe they are talking about a big ass.

Molecule's picture
437 pencils

Maybe the agency had a grudge against the client and couldn't believe they actually sold the idea. Kind of like Disney animators got away with hidden sexual messages, except this is not hidden. I'd expect better from Ogilvy, honestly.

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437 pencils

plus, when was time these words were taught? "son, this is an ass." or "look at how that cock is pecking at the chickens". No.

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13567 pencils

I agree this is wrong, and I can't believe Ogilvy created it. I am aware that these words have other non sexual meanings too, but let's be real.. we rarely use them. No one would say I've got three asses or let's go feed the cocks. I'm also yet to hear someone say "Come here, pussy" 3 stars just for the cute colors and illustrations. Ogilvy, you must be embarrASSed!

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Phil Lestino
1682 pencils

This is a BUM deal....

Jakarta Jack's picture
Jakarta Jack

Cannes is sooooooo disappointing this year.......

Guest's picture

what's up with Cannes? I say ban them for awarding this kind of work. There were a few good entries, but overall horrendous.

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