Every year, two million girls suffer the pain of genital mutilation – a clear violation of their human rights. No government should continue to ignore this crime. Help us to stop violence against women. Give your support at

Advertising Agency: Publicis Stockholm, Sweden
Copywriter: Malin Åkersten Triumf
Art Director: Yasin Lekorchi
Account Director: Magnus Svensson
Account Manager: Maria Florell
Production Manager: Margit Blom
Final Art: Anders Modén
Photographers: Niklas Alm, Mattias Nilsson, Vostro
Retouch Artist: Sofia Cederström, Vostro
Media: Jeanette Asteborg, Zenithmedia

November 2007


daniel ieraci's picture
daniel ieraci
333 pencils

Brutal and disturbing. Very clearly defined message with just enough visual ambiguity to grab your attention. Amazing.

rocketman's picture
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yes, i think the concept is very strong, i'm not so sure about the execution though, the flower seems to be made of cloth (velvet maybe?) which diminishes the impact of the visual. great thinking, anyway.

Juan Carlos Javier Bossi's picture
Juan Carlos Jav...
143 pencils

BAD. So obvious, a flower as a symbol of a vagina?!?!?
Done a million times, the logo of 1.234.975 cabarets in the world (and yeas you can make the joke about how many cabarets i know). Came on m8, is so first idea!!!

Rog's picture
6082 pencils

I'm with JCJ on this one.
The challenge is NOT use the flower as the metaphor.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

jsptrck404's picture
437 pencils

why be different just for the sake of being different? if that really is the challenge, then it's a self-indulgent creative challenge. it's certainly not one that helps the client create a good piece of communication. the message is clear and striking and doesn't need to be diluted by someone trying to do something different just because. you do that for mass produced beer. you don't do that for something with a message this powerful.

| think small |

Weezard's picture
50 pencils

Loved it. Loved the other even more. Don't think there was need for 2 ads though

Jacket-ero's picture
34 pencils


Don´t mess with Jacket-Ero

jonybeta's picture
364 pencils

SHOCKING, the picture of this girls it´s horrible. For me this ad works perfect.

Jonathan Betancur

teenie's picture
1894 pencils

I like they way they've showed just what genital mutilation is. Sure, a rose has been used a zillion times to mean "vagina" - that's why it's the perfect symbol to depict genital mutilation. Kudos.

RM's picture
419 pencils

very nice idea, well done, I think it hits the mark. This is a sensitive and challenging topic to execute and I think it has been done very well in both cases

muxa's picture
602 pencils

There's a huge diference between first idea and simplicity. Excelent work.

capywriter's picture
5509 pencils

isn't there a deeper insight to be found in this one? I don't think they just luckily chose a flower to represent a gil's gentials... Aren't people across the world selling flowers to collect money for Amnesty? Some they do year after year after year... Meaning that flowers is much more relied to Amnesty tha most of you think...

ecflagcorp's picture
108 pencils

I'm sick of these copywriters not looking at the 'art' and what's the meaning behind them! Just stick with what you do best...copywriting and leave the design to the designers. Good job. I like these! Its both memorable and effective.

pharmadesigner's picture
4 pencils

excellent idea, but more suitable to avoid sugrical injuries advt.

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