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i don't understand...

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i guess what they're trying to say is that people either recycle or they recycle.
and that means they cut off their heads and throw it in a marked bin.

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It's not very clear indeed.

I think what they're saying is that if you don't recycle, you should 'recycle' your person and change your attitude.

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Eating out of rubbish bins is ok.

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andrej dwin
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anyone thought it might be just shitty translation from portuguese?

I see the idea clearly as if you don't recycle, you're not using your head so you're basically throwing it in the bin. the headline could be better though. or none at all.

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patanjali bhati
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c'mon guys.. anyone who is dumb enough to overtly proclaim that he didn't understand this, obviously doesn't know what he's lookin at..a brilliant idea!! n hence has no reason to comment against it!

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i liked it too! and found it so easy to understand!

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