jebus's picture
498 pencils

Eeeew! (the art direction, not the idea)

popdistortion's picture
1592 pencils

I don't know. Am I suppose to dig in the trash to find someones old doublemint because it lasts longer? Eeeew to that!

val's picture
93 pencils

if you know that it lasts longer why would you threw it into the trash?to get it back later?
and i didn't know that you pack again the gum when you throw into the trash.
i was wondering if somebody keeps the gum's wrapping until you're done of chewing??????
logically it doesn't work.

puck's picture
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you know, this is a pretty terrible ad... i mean, at first glance, it really does seem to imply that their gum is from garbage and, as much as i am all for reducing, reusing and recycling, i'm not about to put trash in my mouth...

of course, the point is probably that their wrappers are made from post-consumer waste, but that's not entirely clear from the illustration.

then again, maybe that's not a garbage bin - it could be a used-but-not-finished gum storage recepticle.

Heads's picture
194 pencils

Well, I don't think that this ad is too bad. It's kind of a good thought. Unfortunately, it isn't very appetizing...

frog's picture
50 pencils

first, the black graphic of a man
then the inverted color graphic of a hand
then the pointless red shiny lips of some girl which does not go with either the hand or the initial graphic of the man.

...interspersed with hideouly big red arrows which match the color of the lips for some extra-terrestrial reason.

oh..and the black and round chewed gum with saliva on it..

is all this for 'long lasting disgust'

noodleme's picture
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I dislike the ads too, it remind me of an old joke. the joke was talking about a poor wanderer, who was hungry for delicious food, and one day, he found some bagasse from the garbage, he picked it up, and put it into mouth, after he chewed it, he found it has no sugar in it, then he blamed that "who was the fucking mean man ate the sugar cane like this!!"

so the first sight of the ads, I guess it's a poor wanderer who is so poor that he even can't afford a gum, but he miss the gum's taste, and he find the doublemint tastes best in those gums in the garbage.


laugh at all corner of the country

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No fixed abode
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Surely this is a scam.

It's terrible. Even the most liberal client does not want their minty fresh product to be associated with disgusting garbage smells. And I agree the AD is teddible. Give yourselves an upper cut.

mancrepublic's picture
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yay. Is well fake.

johann.s's picture
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so, the target group are bums, right? :D

stapel@creativebits.org's picture
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This idea isn't new! I made it a few years ago to a non-profit organisation.
for homless people. it was never a good idea therefore we didn't realise and presentated to the client.

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What's the black dot? The guy's head? The gum wad? Why is it stuck to her lip?

PaulyG_fill in the blank's picture
PaulyG_fill in ...
1148 pencils

Maybe it's the guy's wad.

Guest's picture

you idiot :(

moscarina's picture
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you must be joking...
this are the usual images shown on every gum wrapping, and they mean that you should throw the wrapping in the garbage. therefore, all they did was to reverse the logical flow of the images.
so there's no point in commenting about how the hand looks, or the colour of the lips, or whatever. they weren't the ones who designed them!
all they're trying to express is the fact that instead of getting in the garbage, by recycling, the wrapping gets to be used again.
maybe not in the best way, but nevertheless...

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i kinda like this ad because they reverse the original instructions at the back of the wrapping and then illustrated a concept i think its pretty cool =)

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Hi can u tell me where is the head office of doublemint in cambodia

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