Don't waste your potential.

Advertising Agency: Chemistry, Dublin, Ireland
Creative Director: Mike Garner
Art Director: Fabiano Dalmácio
Copywriter: Rob Maguire
Account Director: Lisa O'Brien
Photographer: Getty Images
Account Manager: Emma Spicer
Published: May 2014


damnson's picture
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Now this is just plain bad.

An axe murderer of ads.

sacrilegend's picture
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Glad I felt like vomiting anyway.

Pedestrian's picture
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Pretty sure the client could have thought of this on their own.

"Hey, what if it's like...a name tag for a fast food shop. But the name is like...Einstein. You know. Because he'd never work there."
"That's brilliant!"

bubblestheclownfish's picture
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I always despise these ads where the "higher ups" get to deride employee positions. Somebody tell me how a single mother working to support her kids while working at a chicken shop is a bad thing... or a teen working their way through college... or an ex-con trying to turn his life around... or simply not being as "lucky" as others. It's elitist, and wrong.

Borgonovo Publicidad's picture
Borgonovo Publicidad
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Totally agree.

emiliete's picture
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Oh no, again. So old, so done…

kleenex's picture
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they have a concept, not a great one.

NY Belfry's picture
NY Belfry
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I've seen worse. At least it gets the message across.

syl's picture
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no connection between Einstein and fast food= =


Marcao's picture
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Einstein disapproves of this bad ad.

baliais's picture
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This is so so bad in all levels.

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