Realcetom: Timeline, Redhead

Advertising Agency: Filadélfia, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Creative Director: Dan Zecchinelli
Art Directors: Ricardo Matos, Rafael Gil
Copywriter: Fabiana Soares
Illustrators: Aderson Fagundes, Rafael Gil
Account Executives: Luiza Abdo, Brunna Lopes
Planner: Raquel Freitas
Published: January 2011


luispiter's picture
2756 pencils

ok... i like it

jagadeesh's picture
747 pencils

of the three this is more sensible...

rebelscum's picture
2110 pencils

And that, kids, is what misogyny looks like.


I have thousands of pencils and $1.50 so I'm off to Starbucks

Yarp's picture
387 pencils

This is the best of the three. I like the images of the entire campaign, but the idea behind the first and second is a bit condescending.

jaydoubleuy's picture
82 pencils

1 star for the art direction. A big ugh for everything else.

NataliaLima's picture
1380 pencils

Best one indeed. No fake promisses, no promiscuity.

kylethomas's picture
24 pencils

I get it...The conversation is a typical off-the-bar conversation about a guy trying to invite a lady to hang out. Classic conversation. I think it is effective.

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