Reach: Cookie

You don’t eat everything you eat.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Buenos Aires Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Gonzalo Vecino, Pablo Álvarez Travieso
Creative Director: Diego Correa, Esteban García
Art Director / Illustrator: Juan Raimondi
Copywriter: Juan Besagni
Published: April 2009

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it took me about 10 sec to discover the idea expressed by the headline. like the headline...the art..could have been better. and this is the best of the three. who's gonna stay and see that a seed from the kiwi is missing?

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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sometimes people like to think and work it out for themselves, not just be told what the idea is.

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yes people like to work things out for themselves, but only when the idea turns out to be smart, not when it tries to be smart and fails.

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toooooo subtle guys, come on.

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I got it right away. But I think there are better things in this category.

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Come on guys, the idea is great, subtle and delicate, what did you expect? a fish without its tail????

And the illustration is pretty nice to me....

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once you see the product it's very clear. But the main thing of this ad is the headline. There's no real idea behind the visuals, you could make thousands of ads like these.
I just don't think the headline is stunning enough to make it a great series of ads, just based on that line.

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me parece genial!

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i like the idea and the art direction . they r very logic and simple .. no more too much spiced up ADs

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Powerful idea and art execution. It's a perfect example of a less is more campaign!

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The idea is very clear just because the product its INSIDE of it. This would not make sense for other products. Brilliant.

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not really astonishing campaign, actually this third is the best rounded one, but meets pretty good the objective of attract you attention and make you to think for a moment about the meaning... that´s what´s missing in most of the ads nowadays! to make you think, reflect... to get the message

no matter if you have to think too long to get it, like in the first two ads, means message kept too cryptic...

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great line! good idea

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