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These lack the essencial. But is that what you call better execution? Think again, see more.

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Gooood insight AD Goood way

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You must be joking right?

This approach is not going to scare anyone, nor even make someone rethink his position about hard drugs.

If you pretend to scare the shit out of your target, try with something closer to the METH ads.

"We are all ignorants, but we don't all ignore the same things..."

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I like these. They remind me of all the stories you hear about crazy stuff people do on LSD and meth. Confrontational and strong.

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no lesson being taught. Not even close.

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i am zero
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i doubt to call it insight, but yes, very close perception of addicted people.
this wont convert someones mind, this is a good educational campaign.

pashya is zero

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I don't like it! Simple but too hard to convey the message

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Guest commenter
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Disco Munky
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Displays a lack of understanding about the subject, and the inability to communicate productively with the audience.

The illustrations are nice, but that doesn't make it a good ad.


"stay low, move fast"

Doin' it for the points

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The success of this ad isn't measured by how many people it "converts" or how many people it will "scare", it is measured by how many people call that number to seek help. This whole series lacks seriousness; some of these situations will seem hilarious to someone who uses drugs regularly. As for the visuals, nothing new here. In fact, I'm not sure the vintage illustrations on aged torn paper works for this at all. As far as drug awareness campaigns go, it will be very hard to top the now iconic egg in the frying pan.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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These lack the essencial. But is that what you call better execution? Think again, see more.

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Bueno primero la idea es excelente, me da mucha risa el concepto de como invertimos la perspectiva de la realidad.
En fin me agrado bastante pero creo qe esta muy resagada la intencion de hacer consciencia por ser un tema social
Resalto la creatividad y el arte , por que estan bien fusionados.