RATP: Sloth

Sloth taking up too much space.
Get scolded 2 or 3 times to their face.
Let's stay human on public transport

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, France
Chief Creative Officer: Olivier Altmann
Creative Director: Hervé Riffault
Copywriter: Olivier Dermaux
Art Director: Mathieu Vinciguerra
Assistant Art Director: Mélanie Pennec
Managing Director: Jean-Patrick Chiquiar
Client Service Director: Laurence Neveu
Account team: Emmanuelle Henry / Elodie Chicheportiche
Planner: Barberine Reyners
Production: Patricia Denis du Péage
Illustrator: Mr Remi / Mr Hyde
Photographer: Benoît Mauduech
3D: Hervé Lopez / M. Hyde
Head of art: Jean-Luc Chirio
Production: Elysian Field

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JeffGreenhouse's picture
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It's an interesting visual, but I have two main issues with this ad:

1) The English is terrible. I often see poor translations from small businesses in foreign countries, but I expect better from a major agency.

2) Conceptually, a sloth is known for being slow and lazy, not for taking up too much space. Stretching out is not inherently a symbol of laziness.

I can see where this was trying to go, but I don't think it reached its destination.

Serge BARREAU's picture
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Sorry but… this concept have been used by RATP twenty years ago.
A series of posters where we saw people with an animal head.
The signature was: "Frauder c'est bête" ("Fraud is stupid")
The word "bête" has, in french langage, a double meaning : to denote an animal - a beast - and qualify a person as stupid.

Never have time to do. Always time to redo.

Glut's picture
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right to the point series. Works for me.

JLL's picture
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Merci, Joe La Pompe... Voler c'est pie que tout!

albfej's picture
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Very nice! The characters are reminding me a little the Orangina Ad http://www.bcreative.al/top-5-ads-6/

Roger Keynes's picture
Roger Keynes
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Clumsy. Overstated.
Loose the main headline.
The subhead is enough.

Will Think for Salary

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