Melissa bedtime stories

Advertising Agency: BorghiErh/Lowe, Brazil
Art Directors: Erh Ray
Copywriters: Fabio Tedeschi, Omar Caldas
Creative Directors: Erh Ray
Illustration: Platinum
Graphic design: Leonardo Marques
Agency producer: José Ressutti Júnior
Planner: Patrícia Venturini
Art buyer: Adriana Moura
Client service: Zazá Nalde, Tazio Muraro
Client: Paulo Pedó Filho

August 2007


sold's picture
3305 pencils

what is the product? where is the product?
on this one here, some hair product maybe?

djakuza's picture
517 pencils

yeah what is the product?
but anyway! incredible art direction!!!!!! nice retouching etc. pp.!! really lovely details! nice models!

Saulo's picture

Melissa is a very popular brazilian brand of girl shoes and sandals.

djakuza's picture
517 pencils

ahhhh thnx! btw nice art direction again ;)!

Spanky's picture
4899 pencils

not much of a concept. but the photography and art direction make up for it.

Artchique's picture
166 pencils

ditto to Spanky

Bauducco's picture
297 pencils

Great campaign.

am-o's picture
162 pencils

i got the concept right away: great shoes to go with a good role play.

and they picked up on a good insight too: when women buy outfits to role play with their "mate" it's hard to ever find a good sexy pair of heels to match (other than the stripper shoes). these shoes are perfect for this campaign and target audience.

*i may just have to go buy a pair to match the nurse outfit.

Brian F.'s picture
Brian F.

Amazing art direction!
These are not prints, but art! Forget the product!

ok, just kidding. Got a little excited. Great work! Very edgy!

p&awn's picture

Brian's patios and awnings? More like Brian's patios and yawnings!

Gigolo's picture

If you know the product u can see the concept a little.
Melissa was only for kids, but became cool and fashion to use it being a "grown up".
So is there a pseudoconcept behind it.

By the way,beautifull art direction.

Will's picture

i think its an asome execution.
for me the concept is something like shoes for the news princess.

great campaign

waffleguy's picture

What a horny mirror that is...
Doesn't appeal to me at all visually but since it's for girls anyway...
At first I didn't think of Rapunzel, it's more like Alladdin or smthng

claustro's picture

fairy tale characters as horny sex bombs?
okay, it's only a fashion ad.

Saulo's picture

For those who want to know a little bit more about the studio that worked on those images here is the link:


Maxwedge's picture
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Nice imaging, like that stuff Stan Watts was doing in the 80's, and that was before photoshop.
The guys head looks a bit big or sommet. Av concept but certainly looks the money.

deep_tracy's picture
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good imaging. not so the composition. attention to details is good, but here the shiny props just detract from the focal point (perhaps toning down the color or mixing in a different hue can fix this. the other two ads are ok). the stylized 'melissa bedtime stories' just adds to the clutter. and yeah, the setting looks arabic.

everartz's picture
7609 pencils

i'd rather say arabic settings from the old fairy tales of sinbad and such people thou, besides what i like about it here is the attention of the details coz it creates the hype of the product and makes you wanna look more into it, but what i dont like a bit is the typegraphy and the placement of the headline and making it illuminous coz its not related to the scene...huh! i typed a lot i gotta stop!!


| Everartz |

tiny_wordz's picture
325 pencils

luvly art direction, but if i dint know da product before, i wuld be as lost a BMW in a desert (n i don't mean da X series)

Amber =]'s picture
Amber =]

i like the picture and the concept is great. its a bit too cluttered in my opinion though and im confused as to why rapunzel would be running round in her underwear wearing high heels and make-up =S

andresjugwillo's picture

shit itz ugly!

Ant.'s picture

Wonderful Art direction,... I love the graphic design & photography!
Keep up the incredible work!

Anthony Alexander

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