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really nice campaign
great work

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its not showing that its a prison in all of the ads, for example this one isnt a prison looking flag until i read it is supposed to be a prison... and there is no need to precisely show a million flags to convey the idea... but anyway the work is nice...

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Weak and boring campaign. No chances of any award.

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This is not a campaign, it's a one shot. It has the same headline and no wonder there are like 9 pieces here, there are executions as there are flags in the world. The initial idea is not bad, but it's not a campaign idea.

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There are some ads on the AOTW pages, which attract you, even as a thumbnail. But this one really did not! The art is very disturbing and complicated. The all-important message gets lost amidst the jazz.

I really did not want to open this page, but so many ads under one banner, got me curious. A good thought, not that good an execution; Both art and copy.

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Mr Hughes
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Enough already.

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