Ramesh & Company: Gandhi Assassination

Time paints a picture.

Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, New Delhi, India
Creative Director / Art Director: Viral Pandya
Copywriter: Vedobroto Roy
Planning: Amar Wadhwa
Published: December 2007


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nice concept, but it think the execution is kind of boring...

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Agree. Very fresh approach for time. Execution could've been less boring though.

More good stuff from Cheil!

Goafest '08 in pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/godwind/sets/72157603006585003/

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You guys smoke a little too much dope when you created this? I guess it may have more relevance in India.

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Were you stoned when you wrote this comment?

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but what about strategy... I was impressed with the strategy initially (when i saw other ads)...

but after i saw this perticular ad (Event year:1948 / Brand since 1951), I knew that the streategy which i was anticipating is NOT what the creators thought about...

Nice basic thought though... but lost the track in between!

Also the execution: lacking lot of things...

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I think it would be better if these are clocks around that time.
Like what a2o said, what's up with the event-since?


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time paints a picture... or not.

dates paint pictures. 9/11.

Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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Date is a reference in time....watches show dates too!

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