July 2012
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Advertising Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas, TX, USA
Creative Directors: Rob Baker, Jimmy Bonner
Art Director: Mike Latour
Copywriter: Chad Berry
Illustrators: Andy Gregg, Joel Anderson

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. I like the art direction. I just "like" the headlines, but, these suffer from the usual Richard's Group hallmark, great on style, zero on substance, i.e. an IDEA. OK, nice retro treatment ala Michael Schwab, how is it relevant to the product or brand? Sure looks cool. OK so we get some bullet points that obtusely speak to "craftsmanship", a little too loosely IMO. And no URL to drive the audience to a site to get more details. Typical general agency shotgun blast. Designed to win AD awards, not to move the needle on sales.


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