Raising The Roof: Chair

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Toronto, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Judy John
Creative Directors: Judy John, Lisa Greenberg
Art Director: Anthony Chelvanathan
Copywriter: Steve Persico
Planners: Brent Nelsen, Ian Westworth
Art Buyer: Leila Courey
Photographer: Frank Hodel
Print Producers: Gladys Bachand, Kim Burchiel
Account Director: Natasha Dagenais

April 2012


ace85le's picture
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Doesn't solve the root of the problem. A chair can't steal, rob or harass you. The message and analogy is faulty.



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ScratchdCanvas's picture
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what do you suggest, that copy should say " if you see an abandoned chair on the street you think, "it has the potential to rob me or harass me?" I disagree with you 100%....The direction is great and str8 to the point. it is exactly what one would think. good campaign for awareness of homeless youth.

adgoodie's picture
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I don't agree with you ace85le. There's truth in what this copy says. Just the same as people would rather help a dog than a human being. I agree with this approach 100%.

sirvan's picture
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Great line, bad art direction.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

dbor's picture
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Is the Canada the country of homeless youth?

sirvan's picture
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Yes. Vancouver especially. They incentivize it with free methadone and weekly stipends. Idiots.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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rubbish, ever seen a chair beating someone up?

advocate's picture
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boring visual interesting copy

gioborde's picture
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Forced comparison . Why base it on a paradigm that isn´t even real ?. No, Mr. Creative, its YOU who sees that in a chair, this is bad.


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Nike Diesel
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Is your audience furniture restorers?

adgoodie mentioned a dog.

Wouldn't that strike a chord with more people?

A dog might not fit as consistently with your line 'homeless youth have nothing...but potential', and I think that's a good line. But I don't think there are that many people who would straight away start thinking about the potential of the chair.

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observant vicky
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I've seen same copy campaign with different visuals earlier...

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karan raghav
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the bestest...

nicolausmayo's picture
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nice concept

killazol1's picture
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great insight, great copy. visual... eh! But nice work

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Actually, I see an abandoned chair on the street and think, "the asshole could have at least waited until trash day to leave his chair on the street."

ScratchdCanvas's picture
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ones' trash is others treasure

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chris harris
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very nice idea. congrats, guys.

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