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I see no connection to cement, nor does the house/barn have any roads to it!

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Let me try:

Think Strong Cement Reduces Noise?

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Boony wants a beer
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Are you dickeheads actually serious?? The ad makes perfect sense: House couldn't be knocked over due to the ultra strong concrete so the railway had to be built around it.

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very neat!

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Maybe it means that the cement used in the foundations of the house makes it impossible to move or destroy.

I'm sure Indian construction companies would really appreciate such esoteric advertising. It would really help them decide which cement to purchase for their next development.

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black boy
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Wren, mvellandi & SanBruno, r u guys actually in advertising, or just like to give silly comments?
The whole campaign is about the house being strong, thats why they had to build roads around it.

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dont agree with others' comments. they are jealous. thought is strong.

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I just try and see from the eyes of the consumer.
If it takes them more than 4 seconds to figure it out, then the time is wasted.

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The idea is a great one but a lil bit overthought. Most consumers wont get it but i love it.

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