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Nice idea. I like it. :-)

-- I can have will, but i don't want to --

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Takes me a while to get. The bank represent the invisible workers (implied by the sparks).
At first it just looks like the boat is about to explode, and the ad is talking about success.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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I had no idea what it was saying. Maybe because the scene is so strange to me.

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the peeing boat.. lol

doesnt spell succeed to me, more like a fireworks celebration from a broken hull?? ....


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Sorry but I think this series is way too forced, it's a bank for christ sakes, why complicate the communication? This is a good example of a financial institution getting too tricky - thoughts???

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thoughts = > may the force be with him..


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The only one that works is the rowing boat. This one and the fisherman is not clear at all. It's a pitty because the idea is not that bad and there are so many other possible situations or executions out there...

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It looks even worst on big billboards. I first heard about this piece from a friend, who coulnd't remember the name of the bank, but did remember that the boat is peeing, which to him seemed like a total stupidity - "don't we have to prevent the water from entering INTO the boat?"
Anyway, not at all my favorite.

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Fantastic way of talking about a bank... Good thought...

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praveen dwivedi
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I am a born creative but education ruined me….?
What u think ......

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I really really really really really really really really really really... don't get it. Sorry.

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De Qasim
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What is this ???? I think clients need 100 years to understand this AD

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