February 2007

More and more people are getting tired of their pets and condemning them to death by abandoning them on the road. A dog is not a toy.
Foundation for the Adoption, Sponsorship and Defense of Animals

Advertising Agency: Contrapunto Barcelona, Spain
Art Director: Deny Zatariano
Copywriter: Emma Piquer
Creative Directors: Tomás Oliva, Manuel Padilla
Photographer: Carlos Spottorno

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nuclearshower's picture
Activity Score 233

I think there is sum very good insight of this campaign,Among three of the metaphoric representative, this one is slightly weaker than other, overall, I like it. Good Job

slim's picture
Activity Score 1047

Stupid question but I have to ask it: If 'a dog is not a toy', why are they showing a dog as a toy? Or is it just there so they can incorporate a quirky visual into the ad?

Have Heart's picture
Have Heart
Activity Score 922

The toys could way more like toys and the copy could be more to the point. Otherwise a great idea.

Arato's picture
Activity Score 84

I like this campaing. But what do these ads want me to do? To donate? To adopt? To denounce? What about open a discussion over responsible ownership?

Desi's picture
Activity Score 1052

Anyone seen Toys R'nt Us campaign with the same thought?

bubblestheclownfish's picture
Activity Score 614

Nice idea, great cause. Would have been better served showing a ragged stuffed dog or cat on the side of the road. More emotional impact, would cause a second look, and we wouldn't be distracted by the toy's brand.

slim's picture
Activity Score 1047

Excellent suggestion. Have an internet.

Jonny Lonestar's picture
Jonny Lonestar
Activity Score 282

this campaign makes my stupid little brain hurt. A dog is also not a piece of paper. perhaps the follow-up can be a photograph of my printer, or the recycle bin.

A dog is not a forum posting.

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Rog's picture
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Not connected enough. The brief/insight's blurred.

Parents dump pets, not kids.
Pets are considered part of the family.
Toys are something else to buy/clean up for parents.
Kids love toys.

'Leave' a child by the road.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

adstrike's picture
Activity Score 334

Good insight…

Ceci n´ est pas un copy

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Activity Score 703

great thought.

i agree w/ some of the comments about making the toys a little more toy-like, or use a stuffed animal.
mr. potato head is the closest in this series.


sold's picture
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yeah, GREAT job.