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Activity Score 178

i am no art director, but shouldnt the bottle stand out a little more?

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caras.. isso ficou crazymordefoca, man!
parabéns a todos e principalmente ao meu grande
amigo nandiiiiiiiines.

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purosso, curti o crazymordefoca, man!!

Belo trabalho..

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Activity Score 828

A new view in anti-agening ads. Nice.

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Activity Score 2

good job. i like it.

Activity Score 8


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Dr. Dedo Verde
Activity Score 24

Du Pirubas! Congratulations! Nem os mesmos chatos de sempre que só reclamam de tudo conseguiram dessa vez.


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Activity Score 968

Lovely work!

Goafest '08 in pictures:

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Fabio Eymael
Activity Score 189

Bacana no visual, mas faz pouco tempo que saiu um anuncio com a mesma ideia, era um relogio com o pendulo parado meio inclinado por um potinho de creme/cosmetico.

Mas ficou legal, deve ter dado um trabalho massa.

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Activity Score 4601

this is nice

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Fk Mikenj
Activity Score 197

idea is great, but i think the bottle is too well hidden

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Activity Score 178

i am no art director, but shouldnt the bottle stand out a little more?

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Activity Score 193

Its a pretty cool idea, everyone gets the deal. "Stops time".

The problem is the art direction, and i think this is something that alot of the creatives miss i think, it dosen't look like an anti age ad. The target group for this would proboably just walk right past it, and write it off as a watch ad. It's not interesting enough to stop you on the street, and the message takes a second or two to figure out. On buses and bus-stops i think it would work since people actualy have nothing else to look at. In magazines and boards, it would be flipped or walked right past.

ogilvyandmenon's picture
Activity Score 178

but thats being picky.. its a very fresh way of looking at anti ageing

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Activity Score 30

Brilliant concept.


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Activity Score 139

I agree with Inverted...

I must also agree that it is a Gr88 strategy...
but we must understand and think about the target audience (during the process of conversion of strategy into product).

At the end of the day... our clients must get best deal for their money... isn't it!

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Activity Score 741

2 crop and 1 zoom plz

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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Activity Score 2683

hmm imo
it feels forced... there got to be a second reason why the bottle is so shrink to mm size.
(first reason is = to fit the in the cogs so it look like creative ad)

it gets the message across, but there is a logic flaw imo.

but that's fine .. the ad works..


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Activity Score 58

logic flaw? name it plz

ivan's picture

It's simple really. The bottle stops time. Nothing complicated here.

gmint7's picture
Activity Score 2683


yeah, it just that stops time i guess... simple as intended....

but if it really bothers finding out..ill try my best..hmm though its hard to explain in my part.. kinda being a nit pickish snob..

just think why the cogs are enlarged (why why??) and after answering..ask if is it being forced? (there are other more natural ways)

the flaw is the 2mm bottle size cream carries no reason to be a 2mm size bottle (e.g. a helicopter shining a huge ray of light - maglight, because its bright).

inshort, the ad defeats the purpose of downscaling, where at the same time, the actual intention is to show time is being clogged.

[the above statements are just there to let my itch go.. no critics intended]


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Activity Score 211

Hey chk out GSK panadol new creatives

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Activity Score 6082

That is cool.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Activity Score 89

una vera merda.

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Activity Score 112

bravi bravo

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Activity Score 5

Punny rubbish. Who was it for again? Exactly.

Why should I buy this suff over Olay?
Is this carving out a unique proposition for the brand?

My apologies to the creatives as they no doubt have to produce this crud for Cannes.

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Activity Score 16

cant see the bottle on my 1st glance through the ad, the bottle color should be more attractive to stand out more...

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That ad is a finalist on LIA - London International Awards.

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Guest commenter

tic tac ...tic tac...clik