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chintan ruparel
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doesn't work 4 me...

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Red eye reduction. Who has red eye? Bunnies. Make bunnies have blue and green eyes. Done.

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"...and corrects the red-eye effect caused by the flash". So, what the camera really does is to transform real red eyes into blue & green ones? I think it's a little confusing msg, but the idea is catchable tho.

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take a picture to a bunny, they allways end whith red eyes.

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hmm.. one rabbit would've said it all. maybe a close-up of the face of the rabbit.. still too far fetched idea.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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one rabbit would do better for the idea

but this execution is doing better for the product, it has more "aesthetic feeling" than a one object execution

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I don´t think so. It´s weird, but i think that somehow one rabbit would put u through the idea slower, less directly...
it´d look better, though

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there is a nice contast in the ad here.. the eyes have been brought upfront... which i like..
nice work...

| Everartz |

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Well there is one problem solution leading to another problem.
Guess thats a dangerous way to take your product promotion??
What say??

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Oh, does it mean I can't take photos of bunnies? I guess I had better not buy a nikon camera then.

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I guess having an albino bunny growing up helps- I like this a lot :)

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wasnt this technology 'new news' about 5 years ago, even longer?

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srahula, this isn't problem/solution. This is a good idea.

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This is not a powerful ad, every single digital camera in the world (even my oldest 1 MPX) have red eye reduction. That's not a good selling argument.


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like it

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maybe its a RGB/CMYK issue....but those eyes look extremely saturated and fake.

i would never buy this camera if this ad has any realistic correlation to the photos this camera will produce. imagine a family shot where everybody has this nuclear-glowing-eyeball quality....not good.

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It's not a bad idea.

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I had to read about red-eye before I got it. First, I just thought....eeewww, bunnies looking like marshmallows with eyes. Is this about food?

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