Quebec Health Ministry: Excessive Gambling, Boy

How many moments are you willing to lose?

Advertising Agency: Lg2, Quebec City, Canada
Creative Director / Copywriter: Luc Du Sault
Art Director: Vincent Bernard
Illustrators: Marc Rivest
Photographers: Marc Couture, Benoit Camirand


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Very good

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Great! Simple and easy to understand, just not quite sure on the relevance of the 16 cards game...Anyone?

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Nicely done. Effective.

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Roger Keynes
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The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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no immediately apparent. reminds me of that card game where you try to match similar cards. also, i can't read the text easily.

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I like it, I wish they had put the gambling part in the quote and I would have rated it higher.

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I like how they tie in the aspect of "seeing your kid grow up" as a consequence of gambling. The cards trigger the gambling aspect, but the layout of the cards don't necessarily connect a game to it that is done in gambling...I don't gamble so I don't know many games with cards laid out like that. Like someone previously mentioned, it reminds me of the "matching cards" game. If they chose a more explicit gambling game to portray, I think it would be more effective.

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nice. Also if it's just the game Memory...not so dangerous...

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Not bad. I like the idea of unknown history.

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Simple, but effective.,

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rodrigo champ
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Why those two pictures are not cards also...?

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