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Jet Propulsion Lab
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If I saw a poster like that on the street (during daytime), I'd probably go back and steal it (at night)! ; P

What's a naval rendez-vous anyway? Is it like a Fleet Week here in New York?

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I think it’s the same kind of event.

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Absolutely luv it.Cheers!

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Are you guys getting paid for your comments? This is the mechanic you only do when you suffer of a total lack of ideas...
Ok then - skip the question.

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if this is lack of ideas... you really must be winning a dozen cann every year Guest commenter.
I just think its a nice idea and a great looking poster/ad

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Great Thinking, Perfect Design

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Nice idea, vene a passable visuall.
I'm feeling close but no cigar....The idea works but the execution aint selling it. The water line looks like it was cut with a ruler & a little but more detail, rather than the pitch black silouette would have been more second look worthy


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Very nice.

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To the other guest commenter regarding the "are you getting paid?" comment.
This is a great ad and I'm just glad to see someone react to any of the ads on this site with emotion. Because what is advertising, if not a ploy for emotion.

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okay it's cool. actually thought it was a ship, in thumbnail view.

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guys, it's a visual pun!

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Great work.

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guest commenter who said if we are paid? well..i'll tell u what i'll pay you if u stopped visiting this website...we dont need u here...FUK OFF!

- Life Feeds on Life -

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guest commenter is right, there are so many poor ads with good ratings...
...from the agency employees who did it.

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Bravo ! Belle Job.

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