Pymes Magazine: Milk

Being an entrepreneur is to see a business where nobody saw it before.

Advertising Agency: ADN Comunicación, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative Director: Cristobal Oviedo
Art Directors: Cristobal Oviedo, Gaston Gandara
Copywriters: Cristobal Oviedo, Santiago Ibarra
Illustrator: Ezequiel Volpato


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Though its looks rudely creative, but awesome!

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I like the art.

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This is borderline working for me. If you want people to get the connection of Cow>Milk>Baby drinks milk, then you need to show the cow in it's entirety or at least the utters. Just from my experience with the general public a lot of people don't know really how to tell the difference between a cow and a bull. It's SOOOO close to being complete though.

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Tom Megginson
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Babies don't drink cow's milk.

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nice work

sapto handriyanto
Fortune Indonesia

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