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whats up with the wonderbra layout? i really think this is stupid...

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yeah ivan, i do remember those. and _they_ are funny, cause they make fun of a specific wonderbra ad (the big hands). but this has no relation other than a sexual undertone. - to my knowlegde that is. :)


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debabrata naskar
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Dalbir, are you with Bates-Kolkata

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P**is Enlarger or leg Duplicators?
Not impressive

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Mr. Cool Supreme
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Idea #2 of 4,983. Right between "spoof porn dvd covers" and "sexy chick gets therapy in order to walk again".

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no dalbir is still a big part of O&M budapest. But we are all part of the WPP group where we can share thoughts. We shared this idea with dalbir and the client was kind enough to take it.

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Have Heart
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The only good ad for this product was the smiling white dude sitting in a car with some black guys. That was funny and somehow subtle. The other ads don't even come close.

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Not impressive.
Could be in a different way

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I agree, this blows. And what kind of man would wear pants like that anyway. He wouldn't get laid no matter how big his penis was.

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Oh, I see now. They're pajama pants. But still, not good.

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i just got a wicked visual of some guy walking around in pants like this. his penis flopping about left and right. yikes, run for the hills!
that's not the point though, this is an exageration of what the product does. i like it, don't love it, just like it.

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I think it's funny.

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