Pure Treatment Rooms: Tootbrush

Yoga classes now on.

Advertising Agency: Gratterpalm, Leeds, UK
Creative Directors: Rick Ward, Pete Camponi
Art Director: Barrie Robinson
Copywriter: Tim Jarvis
Photographer: Andy Wallace
Published: November 2007


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Not a benefit I'd aspire to.

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yun siang orangutan
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Number 1 to elimination.

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Maybe calm and balance are relevant yoga benefits, but this...

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Why? I don`t wont to be like those!

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The expression on the guy's face here is so bloody lame. In fact on all of the three executions. It, without a shadow of doubt is an age-old concept. Sorry, can't bother to dig up links. If you haven't seen 'em it's your fault ;)

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boring ...

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