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very nice ideo on using the old man, but he's dirty, and seems to be not an advanced student...

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He's not dirty, he has paint on him.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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it reminded me of the old guys in India. they are just like this. Nice ad

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he is a yogi, lads!!! a yoga master taking classes from someone else.

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Is that Rob Zombie?

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it's him.
now playin: "feel so numb".

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Frane Rectal

ewww... she's touching the breakdancing zombie yeti

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yes frane, that is the exact same feeling I got. icky, and ewww! I still like my idea of using a more hygienic looking individual to be the "yogi".
hey, yogis don't all have to look "dirty" and like their hair hasn't been washed for decades!. (paint or not!)


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Okay, the concept/idea is a good one......

But, whether this is some sri SRI yogi master dude/whatever, the "dirty look" about him, (yes, I know you said its PAINT!) it still looks like "dirt"! not a good look!

Try to think of something with a bit more "hygiene"/class. it's SO much more attractive, yes?.

Such as use a "clean" looking zen yoga master buddhist looking type. Looking distinguished, wise and yet still eloquent. that paint stuff on that "yogi" looks icky. not at all attractive.

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