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the dots are really far apart.

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hoooo the water boy wud kick the ass of employer if he dosen't get his pay....
He ain't doin that for free is he....?????
Do we really know he is gooooood....?????
Noooooo .....
So it's weeeeeeeeek

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You're a freeeeeak.

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there would have been 100 better ideas to execute this message accept this 1.

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Is it only good music that makes good people? Nah
Too far fetched.

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hey guys if am not wrong it should be an answer to an old TV commercial for MTV.

it was a guy running towards the guy distributing the water glasses, and when he gets there, he stops, takes a glass drinks it, and throw all the bottles on the table. and goes running...

that explains why we have a small part of someone at the right of the ad. that kept going without throwing all the water cups.

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