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I guess this is what happens when you call yourselves "creative intelligence"

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as guerilla this would be great.
as a print ad... well, not so good.

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excellent photoshop work with the sign...

(yes, I'm being sarcastic)

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nice MS Paint work...

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Yeah the Photoshopping is flawless, how did they do it?

Really bad ads.

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too bad these are OBVIOUSLY a least try to convice everyone with a better photoshop work!!
agree with kateter also, even when i think as guerrilla they would be just "ok", not great... why are these prints???

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Just to clarify: These were a valid guerilla campaign. We put them in poster format for the client to put up in store. I did put this in the description but it got missed. Maybe not the clearest way to display them. Apologies.

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For the record : Absolutely no Photoshop work was done on the signs, other than burning the lettering in to correct exposure. The sharpness is a by-product of shooting 16Mp digital images, and the jagginess on the sign edge is from scaling it down to a reasonable size/resolution for web.

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Uh huh. Yeah... yeah.. the ads are, ummm, still... what's the word... crap.

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Trash man, don't ad it to your portfolio.

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