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has been done about 500.000 times

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it takes time to get the best. in this case 500000 times.

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500.001 times. but since this is original work for a paying client on breif i like it.

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How can it be original work if it has been done 500,001 times?

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Modal Writer
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Simply, if you don't know any better. This idea has been done, perhaps not in this market, but for another airline. And I don't mean an idea like this, THIS EXACT IDEA. it's a copy, whether they knew it or not.

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goes to show...
this isnt for an airline modal writer (er, nice name btw)
its been done for money transfer companies (western union etc...), airlines, and now a mobile phone service.
tired idea. lets move on.

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good work. seen somany times, but all ways it works.

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